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"It's A Family Company"

Providing Quality Care That FurBabies & Pet Parents Deserves! 

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Dog Waste Removal Service Now Available!

We work with you to set the service frequency and timing that works best for you. We offer weekly and monthly services as well as one-time cleanup services! Our dog waste removal services will eliminate this task from your to-doo list. You can focus on more of the things you love while we handle the dirty work. Call or Text for More Info!

Full Service Groom!

Full Service Grooming

"Passion & Patience"

Our full service grooms start off with a nice warm soothing bath! We use GreenGroom shampoo and conditioner, it is made with natural ingredients, soap free, cruelty free and 100% biodegradable! We express their anal glands, give a nice high velocity blow dry, brushout/de-shed or de-matt depending on the breed and coat, sanitary trim is done along with the pawpads trimmed, desired haircut/trim if coat allows, nails clipped and filed, ears cleaned, eye area cleaned, oral foam mouthwash and topped off with some nice finishing spray! Prices do vary depending on the breed, exact size, condition of coat and temperament upon arrival and during the services. We do offer individual services as well such as nail clipping and filing, expressing anal glands, ear cleaning, etc. Do not hesitate to contact us for a inquiry! 

We are available Monday-Saturday from 7am-4pm. Sunday is God's Day! We do book by appointment only so we do recommend booking ahead. We do not overlap our appointments as our goal is to ensure that your Pup always has a one on one experience with us! We do not kennel unless absolutely necessary. Feel free to contact us for any questions, concerns, policies, fees and or bookings via call, text, chat or email! If we miss you we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible. If you would like to book an appointment please let us know what breed your Pup is, what services you need and what day and time is best for you! 

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Policies & Fees!

We do have a few policies and fees we have implemented as we have learned a few things along our journey! Starting off with our matted/compacted coat fee for small dogs at $10, medium at $20 and large at $30. Our fees for difficult temperaments are the same,, for small dogs it's $10, medium it's $20 and large it's $30. Anxiety and nervousness is okay,, crying and whining we can deal with and is expected but trying to escape from the bath, the dryer, the clippers and scissors, pooping, urinating, vomiting, snapping at the equipment, alligator rolling, scratching, abnormal barking and or growing, showing their teeth and or snapping at us will result in our fees and or a call to pickup! If bitten we will have to charge our injury fee of $50 for small-medium sized dogs and $100 for large-xlarge dogs. That does include scratches that cause gashes and small snaps that pierce and or puncture through any part of the skin. We understand our clients dogs are their world and they are ours as well but our hands are our livelihood and that's what they go for first,, our hands.. We work at close quarters with them exposing vital organs and veins that would be easy for even small dogs to get. If anything where to happen we would have to hold, reschedule or even cancel appointments entirely. We would have to get checked out, recover and hopefully be good enough to work; And that's just for a bite on the hand. We do hope our clients can understand as it is a serious matter on our end. For some that are running behind we do have a grace period now being 15mins! After that our late fee of $15per 15mins will be applied. If we book at 7am and we have no text, etc. beforehand of being a lil late we will text at 7:05 to see if on the way and remind of our grace period and late fee. At 7:15 we will have to charge our late fee of $15 and will expect a reply before 7:30. They will then have another 15mins to arrive if not already but at 7:30 we will charge another $15 if they communicate with us that they are late giving them an additional 15mins. Traffic or not by 7:45 it will be considered cancelled and we will need to reschedule. Rescheduling fees are found below! For those who do not communicate with us or reply by 7:30 it will be considered a No Call No Show. No Call No Show Fees are found below! We do also have a strict late pickup policy. If we give a 15 or 30min heads up before our clients pup is done we do expect them there within that 15 or 30mins,, if not they have another 15mins after their preferred heads up before it turns to a $15 fee.. if they do not arrive by the initial heads up time we will then try to call,, if answered and they let us know traffic hit, etc. and they'll be here soon under the 15mins that's fine there will be no fee but if they answer and let us know they will be passed the 15mins that will result in a $15 fee. If we get no answer or reply after the initial preferred heads up time and the extra 15mins and are completely left in the dark it will result in a $30 late pickup fee. Our time is very valuable and we do not overlap appointments so our clients pups are always anxiety free and never intimidated or frightened by another pup! We always give them a one on one experience with us so we do always expect our customers to be on time. We do charge a rescheduling/cancellation fee of $30 if cancelled or rescheduled 48hrs or less before their appointment. If rescheduled, payment is due either upon rescheduling if preferred or will be applied to the total of the rescheduled appointment. If cancelled the fee is only due if they decide to make a new appointment and again can be paid upon making a new appointment or can be added to the total of the new appointment made. When initially cancelled or rescheduled we will document it but nothing is technically owed until the customer decides to make a new appointment, then our fees apply! We do block off a certain amount of time that stops us from booking any more appointments,, when rescheduled and or cancelled we do lose time and potential appointments as well as income. We do ask if needed to cancel or reschedule to give us a good notice,, 48hrs+ is preferred for booking purposes but we know how life is so we just ask for a call or text even on the same day as it will help avoid our no call, no show fee! A no call, no show will require that client to pay $45. If they decide to make a new appointment the fee will be due upon drop off via cash or card! We do really value our time and our work as well as having to learn the hard way! Regular payments are due upon pickup as prices are never set from the start as we do need to see how difficult they are during the services, etc.. we do understand life is always on the go and it's convenient for some clients to pay when they get home via Zelle, Venmo, Etc. due to being in a rush, etc. but due to former circumstances we do now require payment to be received upon pickup! We do also have a biohazard cleaning fee of $30. We do ask if our clients notice their dog gagging, having trouble with eating,, ate something bad and has a case of diarrhea, bleeding, has wounds, etc. to please get them checked out and to please schedule when they are not going through any illnesses and or personal matters. We do expect pups to be taken out for their potty breaks before their appointments but upon arrival and before any services we do walk them in our backyard for said reason. If they do poop, throw up, bleed, pee, etc. in the house or on the table during the services, etc. we will have to charge our fees. If they do poop, vomit, bleed, pee, etc. the first initial time will be apart of our difficulty fee. If they do poop, vomit and or pee, etc. again we then will add our biohazard cleaning fee on top of our difficult temperament fee! We do our best to make the pups as comfortable as possible and we are very understanding but when this does happen it does really draw away from our time and cause us to fall behind as we do have to clean and disinfect, rewash and dry pups at times, calm them down and give them a good break! We do work on pregnant dogs as well as some clients do ask from time to time but we do charge a special handling fee of $30 as we do have to make it as low stress as possible as it can make them go into labor or cause them to miscarry. We will have to block off more time than usual to be sure we have plenty of time to dry them on low as a high force dryer will be too stressful.. We give them plenty of breaks to ensure they have as much low stress as possible! We do all we can to accommodate our clients are very understanding and patient,, but if we do have to charge a fee of any kind and a client refuses to pay it we will take the loss of the fee to avoid any confrontation but will require regular payment and will refuse future services to them with no exceptions! We do only accept Cash or Debit/Credit Cards! With cards there is a convenience fee of $3.50. Unfortunately we are no longer accepting Zelle, CashApp, Venmo, ApplePay, Etc. unless it can be used through our Square Terminal or Tap to Pay/ApplePay in person! We are sorry for any inconveniences this may cause any of our clients and potential customers but we do hope all can understand! 

~From Your Friendly Neighborhood Dog Groomer🐕Land of Paws LLC🐾It's A Family Company🐶

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About Us

"Family Is Everything"

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My name is Rebecca Villanueva Sotelo. I was born and raised in Las Vegas NV. I have an amazing husband and a growing family. I have decided to open up my own family business and provide the best grooming service possible! I've been grooming since 2016 and am certified as a pet groomer through Pets Mart Grooming Academy since 2017. I've worked for Pets Mart, The Good Groomer, Animal Kingdom, & Come & Pet It. Great grooming shops but I have always had a vision to start my own! I desire to be the best groomer a dog has ever had and let them know we are all Family. I started late 2020 and have grown tremendously in 2021, 2022, 2023! I am now stepping & striving to grow as much as possible in 2024 & Beyond! The vision is to grow as much as possible into a shop of our own. Eventually growing, hiring, expanding and becoming an amazing and affordable luxury grooming spa! The vision will continue by establishing an institution of our own to provide teaching, training, certifications, etc. Vision is Key. Land of Paws Dog Grooming is Family Owned & Operated! We Love all Animals but Dogs are our Specialty. We Understand That They Are Not Just A Pet, They Are Family & Deserve the Best Love, Service, Treatment & Groomer! We take our time with your Dog & want them to be Comfortable. We Talk, Cuddle & Play for about 10-15 mins before any service begins, get to know each other & let them know We Are Family too! We do Sanitize our Equipment Daily and Ensure Safety is Priority! There are No Overlapping Appointments So Your Pup Will Have The Whole Spa Here @ Land of Paws. Grooming since 2016, Certified since 2017, 6+ years of experience & full of passion to be the best shop a FurBaby can go to. We are new and don't have much history,, we don't come from a family of dog groomers nor do we have 20+ years of experience but we do have love for your Pups, patience for their temperament and passion to be the best!

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